Best Friend Bareback Pad


The Best Friend Bareback pad is an amazing product. What I like about it is the fact that it does not have to be girthed up tightly and it does not move at all on the horse. For the rider; the Best Friend Bareback Pad improves comfort, provides a barrier against dirt and grease, as well as an easy grab handle for confidence.

For the horse; the Best Friend Bareback Pad is light and airy improving back comfort with additional wither protection.

The Best Friend Bareback Pad is ideal for any horse including young horses being introduced to the saddle, horses recovering from injury and those horses whose backs are not shaped for traditional saddle fitting.

The Best Friend Bareback Pad is available in a range of colours and sizes and comes complete with a matching girth for ultimate fit, grip and comfort.

Use by Britain’s Leading Mounted Police Officers

Sizes – Horse , Girth adjusts to fit circumference of approximately 60″ to 86″ Pony 50″ – 70″

Colours- Red, Green, Black, Navy

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Benefits of the Best Friend bareback pad:

  • Comfortable for you ~ you will be happier
  • Comfortable for your horse ~ they will be happier
  • Great for when you are trying to build wasted wither muscle
  • Fantastic to use for Natural horsemanship
  • Assists in improving your seat
  • Good to get used to riding in a treeless saddle – if you are considering this as an option
  • Good for ‘starting’ young horses ~ getting them used to girthing up etc
  • It does not have to be girthed tightly, which is much nicer for your horse

Comfort Plus Bareback Pad

The pad is contoured to fit and and has non-slip breathable material against the horse’s back to keep the pad in place, the Comfort Plus Bareback Pad takes into consideration both horse and rider, offering riders a natural seat with extreme comfort

Sizes – Horse , Girth adjusts to fit circumference of approximately 60″ to 86″

Colours- Black or Navy

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Best Friend Western Bareback Pad


The Western Style pad features:

  • Two convenient side pockets. One with with a velcro flap closure, the other for an included water bottle.
  • Breathable synthetic suede for a secure feel.
  • Contoured to fit the horse’s back.
  • Non-slip neoprene bottom. Breathable, does not absorb sweat and is easy to clean.
  • Non-slip neoprene girth (included) with stainless steel roller buckles that adjust on both sides.
  • High-density foam padding throughout.
  • Additional cushioning in withers area.

Sizes: Horse size only (60″ to 85″ girth)

Colour: Black or Brown

To Clean: Brush off with a gentle brush and then wipe with a damp cloth. May be machine washed on gentle in cold water and air dried.

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