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The Best Friend Bareback Pad. This pad improves comfort, provides a barrier against dirt and grease, as well as an easy grab handle for confidence. It is light and airy, improving back comfort with additional wither protection.


On first glance the pad looked very modern. It was a pale green colour, which was quite pretty, and had a soft spongy feel to the underside.

The first horse I tried it on had a narrow frame and high withers. He was an elderly horse and sitting on him bareback was not particularly comfortable. The pad sat well and both of us were happy to move comfortably.

I also put it on a wider backed horse and had no problems with that either. The pad fitted really well, and after half an hour in the arena it hadn’t slipped at all. I found it nice and comfortable to sit on and lightweight to carry. The girth was easy to fasten, an attractive design and made from soft but hard-wearing fabric. If different sized girths can be purchased, I would think it would sit on almost anything; a huge advantage if you have more than two horses of different sizes.

Unlike some other pads on the market, this one is shaped around the withers, and moulds to the shape of the horse without pressing. Although I haven’t cleaned it as yet, I imagine that a wipe-over with a damp cloth would be sufficient to keep it in good condition.

Compared with other bareback pads on the market, it is good value for money. My only slight concern would be that the material, especially the girth, might snag on brambles and branches if you are very adventurous in your riding, but for gentle hacking and arena work I would definitely recommend it.

Jackie Hudson

Many thanks for superb service. I posted my order late Saturday, and you could not have received it until Monday. The pad was with us Tuesday mid-morning, and in use 2 hours later – see attachments. We love it.

Bryan Wallace

I am emailing to say how pleased I am with my bareback pad and your extremely quick service. I own an 11hh Donkey who I am breaking to ride. It fits him very snuggly, its smart and very comfortable. The pad doesnt move at all, and I will reccommend it to all my friends. It is also great value for money. Thank you!

Rebecca Wilkinson

I am really thrilled with the Bareback Pad, which arrived the other day. I have a very high wither horse ex racehorse who tolerates but does not like a traditional saddle, and I decided to ride him bareback while waiting for his saddle to be re-fitted (again!). So for a number of weeks I rode him in extreme discomfort in a furry numnah, but was encouraged my his change in attitude to school work, so I decided to try to find a decent bare back pad. Your Bareback Pad has minimalised the discomfort, and Pilgrim is really going very well in it. I have recommended it to Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship and to my vet Derek Landwehr. So thank you!

Just had to drop you a line to say a big “thank you” for the bareback pad, I’m thrilled to bits with it (as are the children) and it’s affected a tremendous “leap” in both mine and their confidence, I feel quite happy to canter bareback whereas before would have been far too cautious. Thanks again, won’t hesitate to recommend your site to all my natural friends.


Just a line to let you know that I received the bareback pad in double quick time, many thanks. It’s wonderful, so comfy. I thank you and my horse (Magic) thanks you. It’s one of the best things I could have bought. Have recommended it to all my friends.


Thanks for the bareback pad – it arrived today and I’ve had my first play – loved it!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the bareback pad. I went for a 2 hour hack on Saturday, including lots of cantering and a few little jumps and it didn’t slip at all. Also, it is very comfy and I’m sure it is better for my horses back than me bouncing about. Several of my friends are also impressed, so hopefully you’ll get extra orders soon !


Thought that I should let you know that your pads are holding up great. We purchased 2 a few years ago and you would never know it. They are the most comfortable pads that I have ever used. My husband is part of the SMMP and every month there’s a training ride. The rides can be anywhere from 2-5 hours long. When I join them I use just the pad. Thanks for the attention that you put into them. Our horses love them too!

Jennifer Walton, Thousand Oaks, CA

Its fantastic! The pad is so comfortable and my horse loves it. She usually puts her ears back when I get the saddle out but now she looks happy when I put the pad on her


For many months I have been battling with my youngster to accept a saddle. Every one I tried she had a bucking fit and became quite traumatised. I ordered the pad, not knowing if it would work for her or not, and I am releived to tell you that she accepted it immediately! I am so relieved I can’t tell you. At last we can start riding her. Thanks Jan


Thank you thank you than you for a great product. My horse bolted with me in the school yesterday, and I never moved! I am so relieved that I have found such a great product


Myself and two friends have just tried your bareback pad for the first time, we used it with the thick gel eze pad. The best way I can describe it is liberating for both the horses and riders. not only is the abscence of a hard tree fantastic it does not need to be very tightly girthed up. Both horse we tried it on have just about had enough of girths. I would recommend both products to everyone I know.

Dave Moody

Hi there my name is Jillian Crosbie and I received a Best Friend bareback pad from you last week. Just wanted to say that I am delighted with the pad, it arrived next day delivery and I tried it that night. I have schooled in it three times and today have been a hack in the woods, a steep hill to go up and come down to get there and we cantered up some very steep paths in woods. The pad has never slipped an inch even when my mare had an enormous spook in the arena. It is very comfortable for horse and rider, my mare is going so much better than in her saddle.

Jillian Crosbie

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